Maya Bar-Hillel

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Dept. of Psychology, and The Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality.

Maya Bar-Hillel is a professor emeritus of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Known for her work on inaccuracies in human reasoning about probability, she has also studied decision theory in connection with Newcomb’s paradox, investigated how gender stereotyping can block human problem-solving, and worked with Dror Bar-Natan, Gil Kalai, and Brendan McKay to debunk the Bible code. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Psychology She was the director of the Center for the Study of Rationality of the Hebrew University, from 2001 to 2005.
Served mostly at the Hebrew University (since 1969) but also did time in Stanford, MIT, Oregon, Carnegie-Mellon, Princeton and Columbia, and in the Russel Sage Foundation in NYC. In 2004-2005 she was also President of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making. 94 publications on Google Scholar between 1972 and 2021

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